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    I've always thought that the best way to really get to know any culture is through its palate. A steaming spoonful of grandma-style stew or a single chunk of meat prepared in a familiar way have the potential to elicit an onrush of memories and stories from the past, heated discussions about preference and preparation across the dining room table, smiles and winks of mutual satisfaction, a general breakdown of every type of barrier imaginable. It is the emotion behind food that draws me to it, the reactions it brings out in people.

    Feeling hungry? Why not take a moment and flip through my life's pages! Take a journey with me to the wet markets of Hong Kong or perhaps meet me for a nice asado in a parilla in San Telmo. Wondering what bird's nest tastes like or looking for the best Bloody Mary bar in Boston? Stick with me and I will take you to some of my favorite spots in town, some of my favorite places in the world.

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Touristy Seafood Dinner at Pavel in Piran

No family trip to the Adriatic is complete without a celebratory dinner at some seafood restaurant near the water. There’s usually good bread and oil, a wide selection of local wines and giant scampi to pose for vacation photos with. Awkwardly shaped sunburns from earlier that day fade in gradually, the red glow contrasting noticeably … Continue reading


Dinner in the Alps: Goat and Trout at Pri Hrvatu

We rolled carefully up the Julian Alps on what turns out were four defected tires, my brother, his wife and my two year old niece in stow. The view from those winding cliffside roads was mesmerizing: green hills, snow capped mountains, a valley whose depth is difficult enough to absorb on one’s own and impossible for a camera lens to take … Continue reading


Pljeskavica and Šopska salata at Paco in Portorož

Another favorite fast food meat in Slovenia is Pljeskavica, often referred to endearingly as “Balkan burger.” Originally a Serbian dish, Pljeskavica can be found in pretty much any former Yugoslavian country. It’s a patty of ground pork and beef flavored with minced onion, garlic, salt and paprika and grilled over charcoal. It can be served as a hamburger, … Continue reading


Two Slovene Pastries on a Stud Farm, in the Mountains

On the last day of our road trip in Slovenia my two sisters-in-law took off to Lipica, Sežana to visit the breeding ground of the famous Lipizza show-horse and ride a bit as well. The Lipizza stud was originally developed during the reign of Hapsburg Maria Theresa of Austria. These horses are fancy and white and as regal-looking as they must have been … Continue reading


Touristy Seafood Dinner at Stara Oljka in Portorož

…And the place to do the Overpriced Seafood Tourist Shuffle in Portorož is on Obala. We chose Stara Oljka. The restaurant is on the beach and a few steps leads to water, yet this is a place to put your shirt and shorts on for. Wet bikinis and sandy bare feet are not part of the dress-code. A gorgeous terrace … Continue reading


Ćevapčiči with Ajvar on the Beach

For me life doesn’t get much better than a plate of čevapčiči and ajvar with a solo of Laško on a sun-licked beach in southern Slovenia. The combination of juicy sausage, smoky veg spread and light Mediterranean lager on a hot summer day was enough for me in April to respond a resounding “Yes!” to my brother’s invitation to … Continue reading


Burek for Breakfast

It was on the second morning of our road trip to Portorož, a sunlit beach town on the Adriatic coast of Slovenia, that the word burek was first uttered by my my sister-in-law in the context of local breakfast specialties. My brother, who studied abroad in Ljubljana in his college years and was perhaps too well acquainted with the dish winced at … Continue reading


Far from Perfect Imperfection at Rose’s Luxury

I type atop the lowered tray table of aisle seat 20-C on Aeroflot flight SU105, Moscow bound. At this point, all of my worldly possessions are either stored away in the garage of a family friend’s Takoma Park home or stuffed into suitcases in the belly of this former Soviet vessel. I’m leaving D.C. for a few months at least, setting … Continue reading


Late Afternoons at Southern Efficiency

“I do not have a favorite restaurant or bar in D.C., nor in any city I’ve ever lived in.” So goes my answer to a question I get asked far too frequently. I have a favorite mood though, and it’s one I’ve been lucky enough to find myself in quite often lately. Relaxed on a late summer afternoon, thirsty for something shaken and … Continue reading


Satisfied by Sweet Breads at Boundary Road

It was love at first sight. Goofy, silly puppy love. On a recent wine hop my friend recommended Boundry Road “for cocktails, for wine, for pretty much anything.” We spilled out of The Pursuit (a.k.a. that new place with the grilled cheese and wine) into Boundary across the street, nabbing a seat at the bar. I asked for a … Continue reading


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