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    I've always thought that the best way to really get to know any culture is through its palate. A steaming spoonful of grandma-style stew or a single chunk of meat prepared in a familiar way have the potential to elicit an onrush of memories and stories from the past, heated discussions about preference and preparation across the dining room table, smiles and winks of mutual satisfaction, a general breakdown of every type of barrier imaginable. It is the emotion behind food that draws me to it, the reactions it brings out in people.

    Feeling hungry? Why not take a moment and flip through my life's pages! Take a journey with me to the wet markets of Hong Kong or perhaps meet me for a nice asado in a parilla in San Telmo. Wondering what bird's nest tastes like or looking for the best Bloody Mary bar in Boston? Stick with me and I will take you to some of my favorite spots in town, some of my favorite places in the world.

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A Pretty Punch, Good Gin Continues at barmini

I’ve been eagerly anticipating an evening at barmini since the very first time I had a Gin Tónica à la José at Bazaar in Miami one year ago. It once represented to me the pinnacle of the G and T, the highest peak to which the drink could be developed. There were aromatic juniper berries rolling between fine cubes of ice and … Continue reading


Eating Good in West End

Not too long ago I attended a special progressive dinner, part of a weekly series called “West End Wednesdays.” The idea was to showcase the restaurants of a neighborhood that is often overlooked as a dining destination. The participating restaurants were Westend Bistro, Blue Duck Tavern, Marcel’s and Ris. At each stop we were treated to a dish paired to a cocktail … Continue reading


Disappointed by Daikaya

Daikaya has a lot of die-hard fans and I guess I can understand why. It’s cool, the menu is versatile and the venue is geographically accessible. The kitchen stays open late and plays music loud enough to make you think you never left da club. The izakaya upstairs boasts a creative cocktail menu paired with exciting bites … Continue reading


A Sweetbread Po’Boy at Roofers Union

I think by this point I’ve harped on plenty about my love for sweetbreads. At the restaurants of Buenos Aires I ordered them time and again, and once I started befriending locals who would cook for me it practically became a staple. Mollejas sizzling on the grill, taken off when cooked through just right, doused with … Continue reading


D.C. Brau Pairs Signature Brews to Zaytinya’s Greek Cuisine

Recently I attended a wonderful event at Zaytinya. Local craft brewery D.C. Brau was invited to pair some of its signature ales to Chef Michael Costa’s Greek-inspired Mediterranean cuisine. For the full story, check out my coverage of the event for The Daily Meal. Here is a quick slideshow of the delicious treats I tried: … Continue reading


Asado and Tranquility on Bodegas Nieto Senetiner

On a trip to Argentina, Patagonia and Mendoza balance each other out perfectly. Or at least they did on mine. After 4 days of strenuous physical exercise – glacier trekking, mountain climbing, horseback riding, lamb eating – nothing felt better than a few days of lounging poolside with sun and cool mountain breeze. In Patagonia … Continue reading


Amending the Past at Momi Ramen

Strange coincidences seem to be the theme of my 2014. Instead of progressing naturally towards the future, my life seems to have come to a temporary halt to peek back at what I’ve left scattered behind – unfinished business all over the globe. Opportunities for closure seem to present themselves readily and I, recognizing them … Continue reading


That Burger Bar I Always Walked By: MAD in Belgrano

There was a burger joint here. And it looked pretty cool.  My recent visit to Argentina was just a bit overwhelming. It was a week full of “what if”‘s, “if only”‘s, and “well I’m glad I didn’t…”‘s. There were 1-in-a-million chance ex-boyfriend spottings and ghosts lurking around every corner. There were effeminate hissy fits from more recent flings and a dramatic, … Continue reading


Bar Menu at Lunchtime, NoPa Kitchen + Bar

There’s a new lunch deal to be found just North of Pennsylvania Ave, at NoPa (Kitchen + Bar) that is! The newest D.C. venture of restauranteur Ashok Bajaj, NoPa opened in May of 2013 and is still in the process of growing into its idealic Penn Quarter location. Elegant and impressive with a rustic-industrial décor, the restaurant faces the … Continue reading

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Pizza a la Parrilla at Morelia

I have the same type of love/hate relationship with Las Cañitas in Buenos Aires as with South Beach or LKF in Hong Kong. These are polished up neighborhoods designed to attract tourists and expats like moths to the neon-tinted flame. In each one there is usually at least one fake-ass “Tuscan Trattoria” with red and white checked, plastic tablecloths. There … Continue reading


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